George and Wes,

It has been a pleasure and honor to work with you guys this last year getting my building completed. I want you to understand what it truly means to me. You didn’t just assemble brick and mortar. You created a place for me to make sure that my team can create personal financial security for not only them but their families. You have also created a vehicle for me to assure my retirement. The building is simply beautiful. It has far exceeded my expectations. The banker spun tales of disastrous things that could happen. Funny thing is that things did happen but not with you. Once we broke ground it was smooth sailing. I asm sure you will share that it was not always smooth sailing with you but I never heard a thing. You clearly understood that I had complete faith in you and put most everything in your hands. I had a business to run and your team allowed me to do it. Without hesitation I would recommend you and your team of contractors. Give me a little notice and I would love to show off my building to anyone you might have an opportunity to build their dream too.



Yvonne Damon

President of All State Fire Equipment of Texas